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scoop quotes

[Sid] “We need to put our heads together”
[Sondra] “If you put OUR heads together, you’ll hear a hollow noise”

“16 blue ponies, 21 jetplanes, and 12 spinning midgets”  [Sid’s mnemonic device to remember a lock combination]

Quotes from “Scoop”.  Just watched Woody Allen’s movie “Scoop” and thought it was really funny.  Woody Allen’s pretty awesome in it.


dining area and bar

reception desk

old post office boxes (images from

Had an amazing and delicious birthday dinner last night at PUBLIC located near the New Museum (I included the address below).  The restaurant is designed and operated by design firm AvroKO whose office is located right above the restaurant.  AvroKO designed and operates a few other pretty cool restaurants that I want to check out someday.

The space at PUBLIC has very industrial yet elegant feel through their use of materials, fixtures, and lighting.  It was a really beautiful space to be in and the lighting is much darker than it appears in the pictures so it sets a great mood for dinner at night.  The restaurant and bar filled up fast so it seems like a pretty popular place.  The food is a mix of Austrailian, Asian, and Mid-Eastern cuisine. 

The items off the menu I tried were all delicious and I would highly recommend: 

[Starters] Grilled scallops with sweet chili sauce, crème fraiche and green plantain crisps (the scallops were sooo tenderly cooked and go really well with the sweet chili sauce); Artichoke salad with mixed Spring greens and vinaigrette

[Main] Snail and oxtail ravioli with pickled shiitake mushrooms, oven dried tomatoes, peashoots and smoked paprika oil (this is very very delicious if you are willing to give it a try); Crispy skinned barramundi with a wild mushroom broth, fingerling potatoes, pickled ginger and pea leaf salad

[Dessert] Cheesecake flan, blood orange caramel, citrus salad and pistachio brittle (highly recommend! This was sooo good and I want to learn to make my own); the dessert wine paired with it was – Lilly Pilly “Noble Blend”, 2002 (Riverina, Australia) – (Loved the name Lilly Pilly and it had a great taste as well)

210 Elizabeth St. (Between Prince St. & Spring St.)
New York, NY 10012
(212) 343-7011

sushi roller?


Found this strange sushi roller on the kitchn site.  Not sure how useful it really is.  Thought is was funny though.  Here are some pics of it in action.



pretty self explanatory i think 🙂

thin mints!


Girl Scout cookies finally arrived!  Thanks Mia :).  Thin mints are the best!  Found some recipes for homemade thin mints recently.  Can’t wait to start making my own…thin mints year round…yay!



I discovered the Dunny series by Kidrobot after moving to NY.  I bought my first one at the Cooper Hewitt Museum and collected a few since then from the Kidrobot store in Soho on Prince St.  They are these small 3″ tall vinyl figures that selected artists have put their designs on for each collection.  Kidrobot releases a new series of the Dunnys (as well as plenty other types of toy figure series) every so often.  They are a “blind box toy” so you never know what you are going to get when you by them.  I’ve been really fortunate and only had like one repeat so far.



my comfy niche


After all these furniture and design postings I got a little nostagic for my chair/lounge.  I wish it was here in NY with me.  Many comfy naps in it were definitely had by myself and others.  Those who went to school with me already are familiar with it, but for those who didn’t here’s some background. 

This was part of my 5th yr thesis project in college as well as an entry for a furniture design competition held yearly by a local contemporary furniture store, Vellum.  I bent and welded the rebar frame and hand wove the fabric weave from belting material commonly used for backpack straps (many many hours of weaving!).  It was a really fun project and even better that I came out with a comfy lounge that fits me perfectly.  The concept idea behind my design was to create something that had a variety of ways to sit and lounge.  There’s no right way it sit or lie in it and I even did a photoshoot and study of how people decided to sit in it.  It was pretty intrested to watch as people decided how they wanted to sit in it.  Too many options I suppose!

back view

deatail – the weave

happy lounger

sleepy lounger  (images by: vivien chin)

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