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twelfth night_a day in the park

Shakespeare in park_line

First really beautiful weekend in awhile, so I decided to take advantage of it and try and see Shakespeare in the Park’s showing of “Twelfth Night”.  Most of the shows have had to go on with light rain and chilly weather this June which is unfortunate, but not this past Sunday!!  As I mentioned in my earlier post about Shakespeare in the Park, it takes place in Delacorte Theater in Central Park and the tickets are free.  You can try and win limited tickets online, but really if you are up to it you should jut wait in line.  People start lining up at 6am in the morning and tickets are given out at 1pm at the theater.  You really want to get a spot in line at 6-6:30am if you want to get tickets for sure.  I know this sounds a little intense, but sooooo many people do it.  As you can see above the line gets really long since people are vying for about 1000+ tickets or more.  It’s really not that bad.  I had a really fun time!  On a beautiful day, it’s just relaxing to spend a nice morning in the park.   People get really into it and they bring lawn chairs, blankets, pillows, tables, board games, cards, computers, and books, etc to keep themselves and friends entertained.  People watching and dog watching is fun too.  I did alot of that.  And took a little nap. 🙂

My waiting in line kit included: blanket, pillow, The Chronicles of Narnia (all of them in one book), sour patch kids, chips and guacamole, strawberry jam, bread, water, and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist DVD to watch on a little dvd player.

The show was excellent and had great seats.  The case included film and TV stars Anne Hathaway and Audra McDonald, and a VERY VERY talented cast of broadway and stage performers who did an amazing job.  The play was soo funny, the characters and actors were great, and the music was very fun and well sung by the actors.  Highly recommend going if you can!  I believe it’s only on for another week!  The next play of the summer will be “The Bacchae”  when “Twelfth Night” ends and later this fall Shakespeare’s “Othello” (with possibly Phillip Seymour Hoffman starring in it) will be put on at one of the PUBLIC theater’s other locations (Othello’s tickets may not be free however).  Can’t wait!


(image by: vivien chin)

car free times square

car free times square

Lawn chairs and people scattered in the middle of street where Broadway runs through Times Square.  This area’s been turned into a “car free” zone.   Cars can still drive on the 7th Ave part that runs through Times Square, but Broadway is just for the peaple.  Checked it out this weekend for myself and even sat in one of the lawn chairs for a little bit.  Moving around Times Square is definitely easier now that the crowds aren’t stuck to just using the sidewalks.


(image by: vivien chin)

the highline_etc

Beautiful sky behind the railing

Edge of the railing.  Fond of its simplicity

More blue sky…

Building overhead…just cutting through…

hmmm….how is that plant growing??

I really liked this building for some reason!


(images by: vivien chin)

the highline_keep it wild










Some examples of the various flowers and vegetation you can see up on the Highline.  And along the way you will see these little signs asking you to “Keep It Wild.  Keep On the Path”, which is ever so slightly sad because one of my favorite things about parks is being able to sit on the grass and you can’t really do that here, but that’s ok.  Still a really great place to be!!


A little ladybug that landed on my sunglasses and decided to migrate to my skirt.  Very cute.


(images by: vivien chin)

the highline_meeting the paving

highline_paver 01

highline paver 02

highline paver 03



The pavers reach out like fingers to intertwine with the vegetation, gravel, and railroad tracks up on the Highline.  Very nice way to meet the landscaping and existing railroad tracks, fading out as they reach further out for the “paths”.

the highline_lounging over 10th

highline_over 01

highline_over 02

highline_over 03

highline_over 04

highline_over 05

Hovering over 10th ave is a portion of the Highline with wood, stepped seating where you can lounge and watch the cars passing from under you.  It’s a pretty nice little seating area where you can sit and car/people watch those below on the street level.


(images by: vivien chin)

the highline_furniture

The many options you have to take a rest on and sit awhile…

bench 01
The wood and concrete bench that seems to come up from the paving.  These are the 2 most common benches at the Highline to sit on.

bench 02
The all wood bench.  This is my favorite.  Love the all wood aspect of it and how it comes out from the floor boards.

Thick, all wood, loungers.

bench 03
Wood bench with corten steel details.

Yellow picnic tables at ground level

Fire pit??

highline_drinking fountain
Water fountain.  So this isn’t really for sitting, but I do like how the water falls over the edge and down to the drain


(images by: vivien chin)

the highline_open spaces

highline 01


highline 03

highline 04

highline 05

The more open spaces of the Highline. 


(images by: vivien chin)

the highline_coming and going

highline_Gansevoort entrance 01


highline stair bridge

highline sign

Went to the Highline today on this beautiful day.  Location: the Meatpacking District.  The Highline was orginally an elevated set of railroad tracks running along the West Side of Manhattan through a few buildings.  After the trains on them stopped being used 30 years ago, they were left abandoned and overgrown with wild vegetation.  Now it has been converted into an elevated park that opened up within the last couple weeks.  The design of the park is by firm, Diller Scofidio + Renfro.  The entire length park is not open yet, but a portion of it going up to about 20th st. is open to the public.  The remaining length of the elevated park with open up in phases as they are completed.  The main entry (and currently the only entry open) is pictured above and located at the intersection of Gansevoort St. and Washington St.  The Highline is about 1.5 miles long and is really a great outdoor space to stroll along and just relax.  I really enjoyed my outing there today.

highline exit

Exit stairs of the park lined with corten steel.


(images by: vivien chin)


transformers_optimus prime
Optimus Prime


Transformers were definitely one of my favorite cartoons growing up.  Saw the Transformers 2 movie last night and it wasn’t as bad of a sequel as I expected.  Always skeptical about sequels.  First movie’s usually the better one.  The dialog was lacking (but goes along with the cheeziness that the cartoon had at times), the storyline wasn’t too bad actually, but if you’re going to this movie it’s all about the Transformer ACTION!!  The choreographed fight scenes between the autobots and decepticons were amazing!  Really great job on the animations.  Michael Bay of course does what he does best and that is explosions of which there were many.  There’s things blowing up every second.  Definitely wasn’t disappointed.  New characters introduced too that were fun.  But I’m definitely a HUGE fan of Bumblebee (one of the classics!), his fight scene in the end is really good.  Miss him as the VW Bug, but the new yellow Camero is a good update for him.  Better to see all these explosions and fights on the big screen for sure.

michael jackson_king of pop

michael jackson_bad

michael jackson_thriller

michael jackson_captain eo

jackson 5

This is how I want to remember Michael Jackson.  First,  in my favorite videos “Bad” and “Thriller”.  Watched them ALL the time growing up!  Who could forget dance fighting in a parking garage or zombie group dances?  AWESOME!!  Of course there is the 3D movie, “Captain EO”, that used to play at the 3D theater in Disneyland (more dance fighting in the movie).  I was very sad when they took that attraction out and replaced it with “Honey I Shrunk the Audience”.  It really was one of my favorite parts of Disneyland.  Bring it back!  Those of you who do remember it…I hope you liked it as much as I did.  And I’ll always love him as the cute little kid from the Jackson 5.  ABC…it’s easy as 123.  What a great performer.  He will be missed.

Michael Jackson covers

The New York morning papers (above) announcing Michael’s death the next morning.

white dress in the window

white dress

Passed by this dress at a store on Columbus in the Upper West Side a few times a night before and always admire it.  Really like it’s simplicity, but yet it’s still playful with materials and light, structural qualities.  Great use of sequins.  This could be a really fun wedding dress for someone eventhough I’m not sure if that’s what its for!!  Contemporary and classy…very cool.


(image by: vivien chin)

setagaya receipt sketch

setagaya receipt

Cute sketch on my receipt from Ramen Setagaya.  Shio Ramen was yummy!


Ramen Setagaya
90 University Place
New York, NY 10003
(212) 229-1489

alice in wonderland by lewis carroll

alice_lewis carroll 06

alice_lewis carroll 01

alice_lewis carroll 02

alice_lewis carroll 03

alice_lewis carroll 07

alice_lewis carroll 05

alice_lewis carroll 04

Nostalgic for classic illustrations from Lewis Carroll’s, Alice in Wonderland, that were drawn by illustrator, John Tenniel, for the book.  Shown here are a few excerpts of the many illustrations that were included in the original book.  This is definitely one of my favorite books.  Think I may have to read it again soon. 🙂

alice in wonderland_tim burton style

alice wonderland_burton
Alice in the garden of talking flowers

Alice played by Mia Wasikowska

alice_burton_mad hatter 01
Mad Hatter played by Johnny Depp

alice_burton_white queen
White Queen played by Anne Hathaway

alice_burton_red queen
Red Queen played by Helena Bonham Carter

alice_burton 03
“Alice” on set

alice_burton 02
“Alice” on set

Excited for Tim Burton’s version of Alice in Wonderland due out March 5, 2010 in theaters!  I love Lewis Carroll’s story and Tim Burton’s movies always have such great imagery that this is sure to be a fun movie.  Great costumes based on these photos.  Can’t wait!

(Images are concept art from USA TODAY and set photos from INF daily)

“hoedown” from rodeo suite (animation)

Stop motion animation with classical music score, “Hoedown”, from “Rodeo Suite” by composer, Aaron Copland.  The video was made by Eleanor Stewart.  It’s a pretty cool stop motion.  Love how the characters come out of the sheet music.  Most of you will recognize the music once you get a little ways into.  Very fun!!

musée hergé (tintin museum!)



Museum dedicated to Belgian artist and Tintin author Hergé, designed by Atelier Christian de Portzamparc located in Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium opened recently.  Museum inspired by Tintin works sounds awesome.  I love Tintin!

(images from dezeen and Atelier Christian de Portzamparc site)

i’m now LEED AP!!!

green grass heart

Passed my LEED AP test earlier today!!  My brain can finally be taken out of overdrive.  It feels so good to be out of study study study mode.  Veg out time much needed now.

study study study…

NY Public Library

in the zone for the next week…..

NY Public library above.

(image by: vivien chin)

human tetris

The GAME OVER Project by artist Guillaume Reymond. awesome sound effects!

putting lot_please insert ball

insert ball

Finished playing??  insert ball here.
(image by: vivien chin)

putt putt kids

kids at puttling lot

baby at putting lot

Great to see that kids were enjoying themselves at the Putting Lot.  Eventhough this little baby is too small to hold a putter, glad he’s still entertaining himself with the astroturf cover palettes.  Sooo cute!

putting lot hole 9_the living lot

living lot 01

living lot 02

living lot 03

living lot 04
“The Living Lot” by Interface Studio

[concept]:  Navigate your ball through the urban wildlife and habitat with additional bonus or penalty holes along the way to the final hole.


(images by: vivien chin)

putting lot hole 8_last gasp

last gasp 01

last gasp 02

last gasp03
“Last Gasp” by Zabor/Tsien-Shiang

[concept]: Hit your ball up the roof of the house into random pipes leading you to different parts of the course.


(images by: vivien chin)

putting lot hole 7_pachinko putt putt

pachinko putt putt 01

pachinko putt putt 03

Pachinko putt putt 02

pachinko putt putt detail 02

pachinko putt putt detail 01

“Pachinko Putt Putt” by Meat Pallet

[concept]:  influenced by the Japanese game, Pachinko, get your ball up the ramp of the furniture “Pachinko” wall.  Wherever the ball falls/bounces down from the ramp will either land you a potential hole in one, take you closer to back where you started, or just somewhere in between.  great challenge!

Awesome hole dave, hannah, laura, jeff, and justin!!  Love the details of the wall.


(images by: vivien chin)

putting lot hole 6_the art market

art market 03

art market 01

art market 02

“The Art Market” by Skewville

[concept]: navigate you ball through the art bodega.


(image by: vivien chin)

putting lot hole 5_untitled (the reservoir)

“untitled: (the reservoir) by common room

[concept]:  Putt your ball throught the rain water reservoir


(image by: vivien chin)

putting lot hole 4_i (bike) ny

i bike ny
mini cityscape

i bike ny 01
golf ball in the bike path

i bike ny 02
golf ball flies high over the bridge

“I (bike) NY” by High Five

[concept]:  Navigate your ball/bike through the NY cityscape


(image by: vivien chin)

putting lot hole 3_are you wet yet?

wet yet 01

wet yet 02

wet yet 03

“Are You Wet Yet?” by Openshop

[concept]: Launch you ball off the ramp for the impossible hole in one shot that you can’t help but try for.  If you miss…well you have to do a little golf ball fishing in the pool to try again.


(image by: vivien chin)

putting lot hole 2_G.L.O.R.Y. hole

GLORY hole 01

GLORY hole 02
which hole do I pick???

GLORY hole 03

“G.L.O.R.Y. hole” by PLOT

[concept]:  Choose the correct hole at the top of the platform to land a hole in one.


(image by: vivien chin)

putting lot hole 1_ghost hole

ghost hole
“Ghost Hole” by Ben Roosevelt

[concept]: image decal of plot of land where the hole is as it was before construction…garbage, dirt, debris and all


(image by: vivien chin)

the putting lot_brooklyn

putting lot front desk
come get your putters and balls here…

view from the entry

putting lot back view
view from back end of the lot

Headed to the Putting Lot  in Brooklyn for a round of mini golf with the designers of Hole 7.  Had lots of fun!  Mini golf is always a blast.  More pics of each of the 9 holes to come…


(images by: vivien chin)

word of the day: oneiric

flower in field

oneiric – adjective

Of, pertaining to, or suggestive of dreams; dreamy


total eclipse of the heart…errr sorta…

This is one of those songs I hate to have stuck in my head, but this alternative version is hilarious…check it

putt putt golf

putting lot 02

putting lot 01

mini golf in brooklyn!  “The Putting Lot” opens on June 6 in Bushwick.  A competition was held to design a hole in this 9 hole mini golf course.  Groups of artists and architects are among the winners and are not all from NY.  Yay to friends from group, Meat Pallet, who are there (yay dave, hannah, jeff, laura, and justin for winning a hole to build).  They are pictured above in the pics I found on the Putting Lot website.  They are doing hole 7 called “Pachinko Putt Putt“.  You can read up on them and the hole at that link.  I’m excited to head out there and check it out!

cost: $5 for adults, $3 for kids 12 and under
hours: wed-fri = 12pm-8pm; sat-sun = 10am-8pm

12 Wyckoff Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11237
(take the L train to Jefferson St. Stop)

(images from Putting Lot site)

mr. men


mr bump

mr messy



ok…who doesn’t remember the mr. men books when they were little?!  These little square books with quirky characters who’s names reflected a characteristic about them were so fun.  The book series was started in 1971 by Roger Hargreaves and was later turned into a tv cartoon series as well.  Saw a girl on the subway have a mr. happy bag and it made me smile :).

just breathe…


sometimes things get crazy and I get a little lost…a little frustrated…confused.  things don’t seem so clear as they did…just for this moment…and i have to remember to just….

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