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the highline_furniture

The many options you have to take a rest on and sit awhile…

bench 01
The wood and concrete bench that seems to come up from the paving.  These are the 2 most common benches at the Highline to sit on.

bench 02
The all wood bench.  This is my favorite.  Love the all wood aspect of it and how it comes out from the floor boards.

Thick, all wood, loungers.

bench 03
Wood bench with corten steel details.

Yellow picnic tables at ground level

Fire pit??

highline_drinking fountain
Water fountain.  So this isn’t really for sitting, but I do like how the water falls over the edge and down to the drain


(images by: vivien chin)


the highline_open spaces

highline 01


highline 03

highline 04

highline 05

The more open spaces of the Highline. 


(images by: vivien chin)

the highline_coming and going

highline_Gansevoort entrance 01


highline stair bridge

highline sign

Went to the Highline today on this beautiful day.  Location: the Meatpacking District.  The Highline was orginally an elevated set of railroad tracks running along the West Side of Manhattan through a few buildings.  After the trains on them stopped being used 30 years ago, they were left abandoned and overgrown with wild vegetation.  Now it has been converted into an elevated park that opened up within the last couple weeks.  The design of the park is by firm, Diller Scofidio + Renfro.  The entire length park is not open yet, but a portion of it going up to about 20th st. is open to the public.  The remaining length of the elevated park with open up in phases as they are completed.  The main entry (and currently the only entry open) is pictured above and located at the intersection of Gansevoort St. and Washington St.  The Highline is about 1.5 miles long and is really a great outdoor space to stroll along and just relax.  I really enjoyed my outing there today.

highline exit

Exit stairs of the park lined with corten steel.


(images by: vivien chin)


transformers_optimus prime
Optimus Prime


Transformers were definitely one of my favorite cartoons growing up.  Saw the Transformers 2 movie last night and it wasn’t as bad of a sequel as I expected.  Always skeptical about sequels.  First movie’s usually the better one.  The dialog was lacking (but goes along with the cheeziness that the cartoon had at times), the storyline wasn’t too bad actually, but if you’re going to this movie it’s all about the Transformer ACTION!!  The choreographed fight scenes between the autobots and decepticons were amazing!  Really great job on the animations.  Michael Bay of course does what he does best and that is explosions of which there were many.  There’s things blowing up every second.  Definitely wasn’t disappointed.  New characters introduced too that were fun.  But I’m definitely a HUGE fan of Bumblebee (one of the classics!), his fight scene in the end is really good.  Miss him as the VW Bug, but the new yellow Camero is a good update for him.  Better to see all these explosions and fights on the big screen for sure.

michael jackson_king of pop

michael jackson_bad

michael jackson_thriller

michael jackson_captain eo

jackson 5

This is how I want to remember Michael Jackson.  First,  in my favorite videos “Bad” and “Thriller”.  Watched them ALL the time growing up!  Who could forget dance fighting in a parking garage or zombie group dances?  AWESOME!!  Of course there is the 3D movie, “Captain EO”, that used to play at the 3D theater in Disneyland (more dance fighting in the movie).  I was very sad when they took that attraction out and replaced it with “Honey I Shrunk the Audience”.  It really was one of my favorite parts of Disneyland.  Bring it back!  Those of you who do remember it…I hope you liked it as much as I did.  And I’ll always love him as the cute little kid from the Jackson 5.  ABC…it’s easy as 123.  What a great performer.  He will be missed.

Michael Jackson covers

The New York morning papers (above) announcing Michael’s death the next morning.

white dress in the window

white dress

Passed by this dress at a store on Columbus in the Upper West Side a few times a night before and always admire it.  Really like it’s simplicity, but yet it’s still playful with materials and light, structural qualities.  Great use of sequins.  This could be a really fun wedding dress for someone eventhough I’m not sure if that’s what its for!!  Contemporary and classy…very cool.


(image by: vivien chin)

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