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where the wild things are_the movie

scenes from today’s movie viewing…

friday’s desk view: gloomy sunrise

union square gloomy

 Friday was a very gloomy, cold morning.  Where did summer/fall go????  Late night at the office = watching the sunrise from my desk instead of being in bed.  La de da



Tried Mario Batali’s restaurant, Otto, near Washington Square park recently.  Thought the food was really great and really cheaply priced which is always a plus for NY.  One of my favorite parts of the restaurant is the flipping train schedule (seen above).  If you are waiting for a table you are given a ticket with a city name on it and your ticket name flips up on the board when your table is ready just like in a train station.  Thumbs up. 

Delicious food to try:  Penne Con Noci e Zucca (penne, succa, hazelnuts, and ricotta); Swiss Chard and Goat cheese pizza; for appetizer they have daily special bruschetta.  I had the Otto Lardo which if you are up to it you will love.  It is toasted bread with a slice of pig’s fat on top.  It is buttery and delicious.  I loved it.  Funny story, the girls at the next table thought I was eating bread with cheese on it, but the waiter informed them of what it reall was and they were turned off.  I say don’t be turned off because it was very yummy and you should try it.  It was the Friday Bruschetta.

I’ll definitely be going back sometime soon.
Otto Restaurant Enoteca Pizza
1 5th Ave
New York, NY 10003
(212) 995-9559

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