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sometimes u fall down and sometimes u don’t

Best Tevis quote last night!! (kids are soooo cute!)

do you see’s what i see…

A little trip to the See’s Candy store is always a plus.  Dark chocolate is my favorite, carmels too, and covered almond clusters.  Scrumptrulescent 🙂

(images by: vivien chin)

you know you come from a small town when…

You see roosters walking around in a random shopping center parking lot as if they live there.

Where did they come from???!! Hahaha

(image by: vivien chin)


Because I don’t know what this is called I will call it the “Pinch” because that’s the first thing that comes to mind when I see it.  Mural on the side of a building in San Francisco (next to that Furniture and Carpets building in the previous post.  Fun.  Always enjoy art on buildings.

(image by: vivien chin)

bldg_furniture & carpets

Really liked this random building in San Francisco on Market Street.  Just noticed the center pivot windows.  Pretty cool feature.

(image by: vivien chin)


One day I’ll own my own piano like this, but for now I’ll admire it from afar and apparently just stare at the insides of them…haha.  Saw some of these Steinways while I was in San Francisco.

(image by: vivien chin)

sf federal bldg_morphosis

Had a chance to check out the San Francisco Federal Building by Morphosis recently when I was in SF. Interesting to see it in it’s completed state because the last time I saw it was about 4 years ago (give or take) with Fowler’s class at Poly. There weren’t more than 20 floors of the building finished then, but we were allowed to climb up to the top of what was completed at that time. Pretty cool to see what took shape since then. Some detail shots of the building below.

90 7th Street
San Francisco, California


(images by: vivien chin)

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