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1000+ cranes of light






Just submitted a proposal for the Nuit Blanche 2012 Bring to Light Festival along the Brooklyn Waterfront with Artist/Architect Raylene Gorum and Lighting Designer Paul Hudson.  The above images are some of the items from the submission as well as partial full scale mock up with colored to study the light and reflective qualities of each deconstructed “crane” on itself and architectural space.  The site we chose was an old rope factory in Greenpoint Brooklyn.  Wish us luck in winning a final spot in the Festival!  Here is a description of our installation:

“1000+ Cranes of Light”
Proposal for Nuit Blanche 2012
Bring to Light festival of illuminated installations on the Brooklyn waterfront
by Raylene Gorum, Vivien Chin + Paul Hudson

We are proposing an installation for the breezeway at 67 West Street that uses physical materials and form to articulate the light and highlight the unique architectural properties of this specific site.  This installation will take the general form of a flock of shiny origami cranes suspended on fishing wire rising up from the ground floor of the alleyway through the 4 story balconies above.  They will be made out of highly reflective mylar which will be bathed in colored light and animate the alley in shimmering watery reflections.  The effect will be that of a wall of light shattered into dynamic prisms.  The details will reveal what those in theatrical lighting refer to as a “revelation of form”.

The “flock” starts at the ground level with the first steps of the origami fold.  The pieces/birds increase in complexity as the flock rises through the four balconies above until it finally takes its finished bird form.  The resulting three-dimensional “fabric” is composed of permuations of this modular bird base and weaves through the balcony side of the breezeway.  It’s an homage to both the poetry of flight and the process of construction/deconstuction.

Contrast is key here – these cranes will act as beacons of colorful flittering light in an otherwise compressed and low-lit space.  The piece itself is at once massive (22′ wide and over 60′ high) and massless (being made of feather weight materials and defying gravity).  We also understand that many of the other installations will be large streetside projections and offer this as a delicately constructed analog counterpoint to be discovered in the intimate setting of this unique industrial breezeway.

(images by vivien chin, raylene gorum, & paul hudson)

belvedere sketch

A happy find. An image of an old sketch done in Central Park of Belvedere Castle from across the Turtle pond. Can’t wait till the weather gets nice enough again to sit out and do more sketching.

(image by: vivien chin)

oana’s art shop

I’m so excited to help promote my very good friend, Oana Barac-Matei’s new online art shop launch.  She is a very talented artist and architect as well as a Cal Poly SLO alum (that’s how we met!).  Her mixed media collage pieces are absolutely lovely and unique.  10% of the profits are donated to a group of 8 organizations that help better and enrich the lives of other less fortunate.  As an artist/architect myself, I know how important it is to have art in your life and how much it enriches your everyday interaction with the world.  This is a great way to have art not only beautify your life, but the lives of others as well.  Show your support and love of art by visiting her art shop at:  She’s constantly adding new pieces so check back everyday.
Also as a special promotion,  for the month of March readers and supporters of my blog will receive a 25% discount off your purchases.  Just enter the code “nummynims25” at the shop checkout.  Offer ends March 31, 2012.
Here is some background info from the artist:
Oana’s Art Shop is a collection of one of a kind handmade collage art based on or using Oana’s illustrations. Pieces are colorful and whimsical and among other things, inspired by textiles and Oana’s architecture background. All are unique and arrive framed in a choice of black or white frames. Current sizes are 8×10 and 11×14. They look great alone or can be displayed in a collection. In addition, 10% of profits are donated to one of 8 organizations that give others a chance to live a better life.
Art has long been a part of Oana’s life, both as creator and in experiencing other’s works. She got her first break at age six upon getting second place in her first coloring contest. Oana graduated with a degree in Architecture, her favorite classes always integrated art, especially collage.  While working in the architecture industry in San Francisco, Oana realized how valuable art was to her. Oana began showing her City sketches publicly and continued collaging for herself, integrating more of it into her work.  She’s happy to introduce Oana’s Art Shop, a combination of her collage and illustrations. Oana hopes the daily joy she gets in creating her art is passed on to you through her work.
(images by: oana barac-matei)

mini project: sunburst alpaca wool hat

Just completed crocheting this new oh-s0-soft hat made of tan baby alpaca wool.  I love the sunburst ribbing pattern.  It’s light enough that you would wear it in winter or spring.  Made with love as a bday gift for a good friend to give.

Currently also available at the nummynims ETSY store.   If you love it as much as I do,  check it out.


(images by: vivien chin)


happy valentine’s day

Pixelate your love.


(image from minieco)

mini project: crochet ring_silver

Created another version of the ring in a silver yarn.  Sparkly!

If you are interested in one of your own, they are available for purchase at the nummymins ETSY store online!  Thanks for the support.


(images by: vivien chin)

mini project: braided headband

Just finished knitting this chunky braided headband.  It was an experiment in doing a cable knit which is new for me.  I’m not always in a beanie mood.  So this is a nice alternative.  Keeps the ears and head warm on chilly days.  Used Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick.

Also available at my ETSY store if you like it!  Check it out HERE.


(images by: vivien chin)

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