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Cool cat

tim burton exhibit_moma_ny

Went to check out the Tim Burton Exhibit at the MOMA last weekend and it was pretty awesome.  Only pic I really got was one of the entry (above) before I was told there were no pics allowed.  The entry is definitely a good taste of the craziness inside.  My favorite character was Stainboy (below) with his superhero S on his chest and little cape.  My favorite chapter/episode of Stainboy was the one with where he wards off the toxic boy with a pine tree air freshener (video included below, keep scrolling).  All of the chapters are played on screens as you walk down a dark, black and white striped hallway leading to the rest of the exhibit. 

Lots of sketches and watercolors. Notes to people like Johnny Depp during filming.  Costumes and props as well, including the Edward Scissorhands costume, Batman masks, Catwoman suit, Angora sweater from the movie Ed Wood, etc.  Lots of figures from movies like, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,  Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Beetlejuice.  Some video media spread throughout.  Really good collection of work from Tim Burton not from his famous movies–sketches and watercolors of crazy creatures and characters he created in his spare time.  Good mix of stuff people/fans are familiar with and plenty of new stuff most have probably never seen. 

On show at the MOMA in nyc until April 26,2010.  Well worth it! 

(just fyi, I think you need to purchase tickets ahead of time for a particular time slot the day you wish to go because of it’s popularity.  If you have a membership card to the MOMA, you can just walk right in)


gir on pig

gir 01

gir 02

gir 03

I heart  GIR (grrrrrrr)!!!  yay for GIR and Invader Zim


ponyo 01

ponyo 02

Ponyo!  Can’t wait to see Hayao Miyazaki’s new animated movie.  I love all of his movies.  Ponyo looks sooo cute.

bossy bear


bossybear doll

bossy bear


“bossy bear is very bossy”…This children’s graphic novel by David Horvath has the cutest characters–Bossy Bear and Turtle.

mr. men


mr bump

mr messy



ok…who doesn’t remember the mr. men books when they were little?!  These little square books with quirky characters who’s names reflected a characteristic about them were so fun.  The book series was started in 1971 by Roger Hargreaves and was later turned into a tv cartoon series as well.  Saw a girl on the subway have a mr. happy bag and it made me smile :).

tin tin & snowy

tin tin and snowy

Blast from the past…Tin Tin and his dog snowy.  I loved this cartoon when I was young!




I LOVE DOMO!!!  Seeing the domo-inspired swine flu mask from the last post made me want to dedicate a post to domo. 

Domo (or “Domo kun”) is a Japanese cartoon character and is the mascot of Japan’s NHK television station.  He is described as a “strange creature that hatched from an egg” and lives underground with a rabbit, Mr. Usagi (or Usagii) and 2 cave bats.  Tashanna is a female yellow weasel who hangs out with them as well.  He always has his mouth wide open, but I have no idea why??  He’s pretty cool regardless.  You can check out some of his cartoons on YouTube both English-dubbed and in Japanese.  I thought that this Domo vs. Mr. Usagi clip was really funny.



yoshitomo nara


Japanese pop artist, Yoshitomo Nara, has these intriguing drawings and sculptures that I’m fascinated by.  A lot of them depict children or animals in a cartoon fashion.  Some look very cute and innocent, others have a slightly angry look on their faces like you had just woken them up from a good nap or something.  Regardless I think they are pretty awesome and intriguing.  Here are just a few examples.




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