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merry christmas!!!

Hope everyone is having a Very Merry Christmas this year!  Stay warm and toasty and joyous.  I’m truly blessed to have my family and loved ones around and in my life.  (Not to mention, Grandma’s food is the best!!)  Love to all!

(image from the Boston Herald)

happy easter!

Happy Easter everyone!  Happy egg coloring!  Domo enjoys easter too. :).  Thanks moi for the find!

happy st. patty’s day!!


Where’s my pot o’ gold?  lol. 

(image from flickr)

xmas tree 2009_rockefeller

This is about as close as I wanted to get to this year’s tree at Rockefeller Center. As you can see there are waaaay too many people and just didn’t want to fight the crowd yesterday. Plus my camera battery died and all I had was my phone. So here they are a font view and side view. Wish the shots were better!!

(images by: vivien chin)

happy new year!!!

2010 is here!  New Year, fresh start, new adventures….  Can’t wait to see what’s next!  Hope everybody has a great year!!

happy turkey day!

gobble gobble!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I’m soo excited to head over to Jeff and Laura’s for wonderful delisciousness.  Have a great feast day because I know I will.  Eat up and be merry!!

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