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broken cranes


Hurricane Sandy snaps this crane like it was nothing.  Stuck inside this week due to the electricity outages & halt in subways in lower Manhattan.  I had to leave the house yesterday for a work meeting on site and saw the crane first hand from the window as well as on my walk home.  This has all been an interesting and surreal experience to see the effect on NYC life when public transportation and power outages cut off  half the island.  Only half the island can begin to get back to normal and even then it’s seemingly less than “normal”.  Brooklyn has  been cut off unless you have a car or can catch a bus and even then it is a longer ride than normal.  Sometimes it’s just faster to walk.  My cab ride t the meeting was tortuously long and more expensive than usual.  I opted to walk 40 blocks home to get some air and avoid that experience again.  The abundance of car traffic that has flooded the streets–this city is not made for the level of traffic it’s seeing now.

I’m fortunate to not have been affected by the storm and hope that all those who have are able to get back on their feet ASAP.  Been reaching out to all my NYC friends to find out if they are ok or need anything.  Glad to hear everyone is safe and sound, finding water, power, and support from friends when they can!


(images by: vivien chin)


damage report


Thankfully damage in the upper west side was low. The worst I saw is this lamp post fallen on the red car. A few fallen trees here and there, but all in all everyone came out unscathed in my neighborhood.

(image by: vivien chin)

hurricane protection






So I decided to walk around my neighborhood to see what kind of hurricane protection there was around. This was around 4pm Saturday before Irene was to make her appearance. Though I live in a “no evacuation” zone, we still have damage from wind and debris to worry about.

Several things i saw repeating around the neighborhood: There’s apparently the tape or plywood option being implemented to protect glass, but I’m not confident at how my the tape is going to save you. Better to be safe than sorry I suppose. Also saw lots of public trash cans flipped over with people just piling their trash on top with he occasional silly string (???). And grocery stores were still being decimated with people stocking up on food.

(images by: vivien chin)

hurricane of deals


The chaos of Irene has hit New York grocery stores even before Irene is scheduled to make her appearance.  I can’t believe someone actually thought to make this sign.  Hilarious!

No one knows what to expect exactly, but they sure are all getting prepped. Bottled water was flying off the shelf like crazy. Went to Fairway today to get some food since NY transportation is supposed to be shut down tomorrow. Guess we are all sorta on house arrest when you think about it. Time to get productive! Crazy natural phenomenons in NY the last 2 weeks. Crazy apocalypse-like black skies of rain, thunder, and lightning and an earthquake just a few days ago. Let’s add hurricane to the list. Be safe everyone.

(image by: vivien chin)

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