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discovering columbus_the approach

A rare opportunity to get up close to the Christopher Columbus Statue at Columbus Circle which stands on top of a tall column pedestal out of reach on any other day.  Tatzu Nishi built a living room around the statue of Columbus for everyone to sit, relax and admire the statue and the great views of the Upper West Side and Central Park.  Here are views of the approach to the installation–a little room atop scaffolding that is equally as geometrically cool as what is inside.  The exhibit is free.  Tickets available online.  The exhibit is ongoing until November 18th and I highly recommend going if you have time!  See other posts for interior shots.

UPDATE: open for 2 extra weeks due to popular demand!

(images by: vivien chin)

1000+ cranes of light






Just submitted a proposal for the Nuit Blanche 2012 Bring to Light Festival along the Brooklyn Waterfront with Artist/Architect Raylene Gorum and Lighting Designer Paul Hudson.  The above images are some of the items from the submission as well as partial full scale mock up with colored to study the light and reflective qualities of each deconstructed “crane” on itself and architectural space.  The site we chose was an old rope factory in Greenpoint Brooklyn.  Wish us luck in winning a final spot in the Festival!  Here is a description of our installation:

“1000+ Cranes of Light”
Proposal for Nuit Blanche 2012
Bring to Light festival of illuminated installations on the Brooklyn waterfront
by Raylene Gorum, Vivien Chin + Paul Hudson

We are proposing an installation for the breezeway at 67 West Street that uses physical materials and form to articulate the light and highlight the unique architectural properties of this specific site.  This installation will take the general form of a flock of shiny origami cranes suspended on fishing wire rising up from the ground floor of the alleyway through the 4 story balconies above.  They will be made out of highly reflective mylar which will be bathed in colored light and animate the alley in shimmering watery reflections.  The effect will be that of a wall of light shattered into dynamic prisms.  The details will reveal what those in theatrical lighting refer to as a “revelation of form”.

The “flock” starts at the ground level with the first steps of the origami fold.  The pieces/birds increase in complexity as the flock rises through the four balconies above until it finally takes its finished bird form.  The resulting three-dimensional “fabric” is composed of permuations of this modular bird base and weaves through the balcony side of the breezeway.  It’s an homage to both the poetry of flight and the process of construction/deconstuction.

Contrast is key here – these cranes will act as beacons of colorful flittering light in an otherwise compressed and low-lit space.  The piece itself is at once massive (22′ wide and over 60′ high) and massless (being made of feather weight materials and defying gravity).  We also understand that many of the other installations will be large streetside projections and offer this as a delicately constructed analog counterpoint to be discovered in the intimate setting of this unique industrial breezeway.

(images by vivien chin, raylene gorum, & paul hudson)

what i don’t know about space_esther stocker

Esther Stocker’s, “What I don’t Know About Space” Installation at Museum 52 in London.

(image from Esther Stocker site)



Installation by SOFTlab at Bridge Gallery in New York City.  I (heart) binder clips for construction.

(images from bridge gallery)

shiny rings

Suspended Harness rings above in Frye Boots store in Soho.

(image by: vivien chin)

take me (i’m yours)

Fun with lighting.  Installation at a jcrew store on 5th ave.


(image by: vivien chin)


Beautiful installation using light and architecture.

Here’s the description from the artist, Pablo Valbuena’s, website:

“Site-specific installation. Matadero Madrid. ES. 2010. Video projection on architecture.

Quadratura was the technique used in the baroque to extended architecture through trompe l’oeil and perspective constructions generated with paint or sculpture.

The site-specific installation presented at Matadero Madrid follows the same principles but manipulating space by means of projected light. The main axis of the room of Abierto x Obras is extended and the limits of the physical space dissolved.”

(images from Pablo Valbuena’s site)

last week’s desk view: nyc grows_earth day

Really nice little green installation in Union Square this week for Earth Day.

(images by: vivien chin)


Really cool installation that reacts to the static charge of its visitors.  Located in a former salt factory in Hallein, Austria, and is made up of parallel hung, thermally-bonded polypropylene filaments, suspended from the ceiling.  The project is called WhiteOut and is designed by SpaceOperaForm.  Beautiful….

(images from dezeen)

most curious_tracey neuls & nina saunders

“Most Curious” an installation by Tracey Neuls and Nina Saunders.  Love its whimsical nature.  Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.  I would love wearing those shoes.  They look so fun.

(images from dezeen)

stone sky_turrell

stone sky_turrell 01

stone sky_turrell 04

stone sky_turrell 05

stone sky_turrell 06

stone sky_turrell 02

stone sky_turrell 03

stone sky_turrell 07

Installation by James Turrell for Norman and Norah Stone at their Napa estate.  A perfect stone pavillion set on an infinity pool with viewing to the sky in the interior of the cube.  Beautiful reflections of the sky on the face of the stone are stunning.  (Thanks Stella for the find!)

(images from Stonescape and Into the Studio)

“blue sticks”

blue sticks_claude cormier
“blue sticks” by claude cormier

I have a soft spot for architectural landscape art and installation.  Featured in book, “avant gardeners: visionary designers for the contemporary landscape”


(image from Designboom)


lego dispatchwork berlin

lego dispatchwork berlin 02

lego dispatchwork berlin 03

lego dispatchwork berlin 04

lego dispatchwork berlin 05

lego dispatchwork berlin 06

Jan Vormann‘s project, “Dispatchwork”, shows up in Berlin.  He fills holes left on/in buildings remaining from World War II with LEGOS!  He has also done this in Italy and Isreal.  In Berlin, many spontaneous people started helping him fill the bullet holes with Lego bricks at a building of Humbold University. 

Awesome project!  Love this idea!  Very fun and creative and gets people involved.

(images from Likecool)

il fiore di novembre

Fabio Novembre 01

Fabio Novembre 02

Fabio Novembre 03

Installation by Italian designer, Fabio Novembre, is on show at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.  Each mosaic covered partition represent a flower when viewed from the front. The spaces between showcase different pieces of his work.  Installation open until May 17, 2009

(images from Dezeen)

“playing the building” by david byrne

(image by: vivien chin)



(images by: vivien chin)

(images by: vivien chin)

Here is a installation my cousins and I found last year when were around the South Ferry area.  The installation was called “Playing the Building” by artist David Burne.  It’s a pretty interesting installation.  I loved the space (the Battery Maritime Building) that it was in and the concept behind the installation was very cool.  There is a piano in the middle of the space which has wires coming from it that are attached to different parts of the space rigged with some sound producing element–banging pipes, squeaking, etc.  Visitors are encouraged to go play around on the piano to produce different combinations of sounds

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