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putting lot hole 7_pachinko putt putt

pachinko putt putt 01

pachinko putt putt 03

Pachinko putt putt 02

pachinko putt putt detail 02

pachinko putt putt detail 01

“Pachinko Putt Putt” by Meat Pallet

[concept]:  influenced by the Japanese game, Pachinko, get your ball up the ramp of the furniture “Pachinko” wall.  Wherever the ball falls/bounces down from the ramp will either land you a potential hole in one, take you closer to back where you started, or just somewhere in between.  great challenge!

Awesome hole dave, hannah, laura, jeff, and justin!!  Love the details of the wall.


(images by: vivien chin)

putt putt golf

putting lot 02

putting lot 01

mini golf in brooklyn!  “The Putting Lot” opens on June 6 in Bushwick.  A competition was held to design a hole in this 9 hole mini golf course.  Groups of artists and architects are among the winners and are not all from NY.  Yay to friends from group, Meat Pallet, who are there (yay dave, hannah, jeff, laura, and justin for winning a hole to build).  They are pictured above in the pics I found on the Putting Lot website.  They are doing hole 7 called “Pachinko Putt Putt“.  You can read up on them and the hole at that link.  I’m excited to head out there and check it out!

cost: $5 for adults, $3 for kids 12 and under
hours: wed-fri = 12pm-8pm; sat-sun = 10am-8pm

12 Wyckoff Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11237
(take the L train to Jefferson St. Stop)

(images from Putting Lot site)

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