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today’s view: snowicane

The snowicane hit last night…more to come I think.  Big snowflakes are fun today.

(image by: vivien chin)

snowmen, snow, & dogs of central park

Didn’t get around to making snowmen yesterday at Central Park, but here’s some from people who did.  I especially like the first one that looks like it has a paper sailor hat and hearts for hands.  I guess it’s in honor of Valentine’s Day…lol.

Loved this white dog that was out there.  It was having lots of fun in the snow.

Action shot.  A game of chase.

A view of the half domed stage in the distance

Sheep’s Meadow looks a little different in the winter without all the sunbathers and picnic people hanging out.

today’s desk view: sun & snow

Sunny & snow is much better than grey & gloomy with snow. 🙂

(image by: vivien chin)

today’s desk view: blizzzzard

Can barely see across the park through the snow.  Maybe we’ll get our 12 inches today…..

(image by: vivien chin)

today’s morning view: snow beginnings…

The beginnings of a snow storm this morning.  12-16 inches by the end of the day?  We’ll see…

(images by: vivien chin)

morning desk view: light snow

Random snow this morning.

(image by: vivien chin)

monday’s desk view: union square snow

View after the weekend snow.  Nice white powder on the ground and as you can see the xmas village/market is still kicking. 

(image by: vivien chin)

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