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sleep no more


“Sleep No More” is a site specific, modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth put on by Punchdrunk Theatre Company.  The play is performed in the McKittrick Hotel – 3 linked warehouses in Chelsea that have been gutted and installed with a maze of rooms to explore and witness events unravel in front of you.  Veering away from the traditional stage performance, the “Sleep No More” experience is one that is reminiscent of a “choose your own adventure” book you would read when you are little.  All spectators wear Venetian style masks, keeping their anonymity [from eachother and to the actors], as they wander from room to room.  There is no set path.  There are things going on everywhere simultaneously, different characters to follow around, and every person will come out having their own unique experience.  I’ve included a video from Cool Hunting’s behind the scenes look as some of the sets.

I’m going to see it this Saturday.  I can’t wait!


Check out more here:

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Sleep No More NYC

Cool Hunting

(images from Cool Hunting)

shakespeare in the park review

So here was part of the line as I headed up to one of the 2 places you are allowed to go when waiting in line for tickets–the bathroom and the cafe. After many rounds of UNO, napping, and watching the USA unfortunately get knocked out of the World Cup, we all got tickets for the show.

Merchant of Venice was amazing.  Al Pachino was awesome.  I got front from center tickets!!!!!!!!!!   Al Pachino probably spit on me at some point in the play.  He was amazing as Shylock.  I was also extremely ecstatic to see that Jesse L. Martin was in the play as well.  I love him best as Tom Collins from RENT!  Jesse even sang a little in the play. What a voice (If only I could have seen him live in RENT).   To see him live was just greatness.  To add to the star madness, Jesse Tyler Ferguson who plays Mitchell from ABC’s “Modern Family” was part of the cast that really brought Shakespeare’s, Merchant of Venice to life.  Go stand in line for free tickets or get virtual tickets.  I don’t care how you do it, but this it’s a must see.  A pound of flesh!

(image by: vivien chin)

shakespeare in the park 2010

Merchant of Venice (Al Pacino is starring in it this year!) and Winter’s Tale are on the schedule this year.  Gonna brave the early morning line up with the gang in Central Park to get the limited free tickets for Saturday’s show (Merchant of Venice).  Wish us luck!  Check out the schedule this year.

Image from Shakespeare in the Park site)

the boys in the band

Saw Jon perform as Harold in the revival of Mart Crowley’s play, “The Boys in the Band” last week. It closes this weekend unfortunately so if you can get still tickets I highly recommend it! Every actor was amazing, Jon was sooo awesome and just made me laugh so hard with his entertaining character. Really you couldn’t have picked a better cast to star in this play. Everyone did so well. One of the best parts about the play was also that it was in a very intimate setting. The play itself actually is set in one of the character’s apartments during a birthday party. The “stage” was arranged in penthouse apt in Chelsea so that all those coming to see the play were interspersed within the set. You could rub elbows with the actors or have a drink accidentally spilled on you because you were actually in the “apt” with them as the party took place. The action takes place literally next to you. Really great experience for a play–the idea of being “in” the play versus watching a stage from afar. Can’t wait for the next play Jon will be cast in!

(image from Transport Group)

twelfth night_shakespeare in the park

shakespeare in the park

While in Central Park today, I remembered that “Shakespeare in the Park” is starting up again in June.  Excited because Anne Hathaway is in the cast this year performing as Viola from “Twelfth Night”.  Other famous stars who have performed there in the past include, Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington, and Christopher Walken, to name a few.

The free performances are at Delacorte Theater in Central Park.  Free tickets are given out there at 1pm on the day of every performance.  People wait as early as 6am for the tickets since they go fast.  That’s kind of hard core, but then again the tickets are free.  I’ll have to make sure to go this year because I still haven’t been yet since moving to NYC.  “Twelfth Night” runs from June 10-July 12, 2009.

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