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offset_giorgio biscaro

Always a sucker for some bent ply furniture.  :).  Offset chair by Giorgio Biscaro.  Designed to be flat packed.  Love the neon color!

(images from dezeen)

the boys in the band

Saw Jon perform as Harold in the revival of Mart Crowley’s play, “The Boys in the Band” last week. It closes this weekend unfortunately so if you can get still tickets I highly recommend it! Every actor was amazing, Jon was sooo awesome and just made me laugh so hard with his entertaining character. Really you couldn’t have picked a better cast to star in this play. Everyone did so well. One of the best parts about the play was also that it was in a very intimate setting. The play itself actually is set in one of the character’s apartments during a birthday party. The “stage” was arranged in penthouse apt in Chelsea so that all those coming to see the play were interspersed within the set. You could rub elbows with the actors or have a drink accidentally spilled on you because you were actually in the “apt” with them as the party took place. The action takes place literally next to you. Really great experience for a play–the idea of being “in” the play versus watching a stage from afar. Can’t wait for the next play Jon will be cast in!

(image from Transport Group)

subway view: poetry

Seen while getting off on the uptown platform on the NQRW.

(image by: vivien chin)

penthouse theatre view: glowing esb

The view behind me as I watched the play, The Boys in the Band, whose stage was built in a penthouse loft located in Chelsea. Beautiful night!

(image by: vivien chin)

last week’s desk view: gummy bunnies

Ran out of cranberries for my yogurt and granola last week so had to improvise. Haha. Bunny fruit snacks had to fit the bill. Random but still good!

(image by: vivien chin)

happy st. patty’s day!!


Where’s my pot o’ gold?  lol. 

(image from flickr)

rabbids go home

Today’s rainy day addiction.  So so fun!

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