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discovering columbus_decor

The living room decor at the Discovering Columbus Installation.


(images by: vivien chin)

keyboard buttons




Delete…Pause…Home…gigantic keyboard buttons to sit on. Available at Treasure & Bond.

(images by: vivien chin)


sexy, sexy chair.  Bent ply–my love.  Constructed from Ash Plywood.  Maritime by Benjamin Hubert.


(images from dezeen)



Love this chair.  Antibodi by Moroso

rocking chair


I’ve decided all airports should have rocking chairs. Sac airport = genius move. It’s entertaining, relaxing, and passes the time.

(image by: vivien chin)

darwin chair_like sitting on a pad of paper

Chair design made from stack of 200 prints that can be thrown away when worn out or when you’re bored of them.  Fun idea, kinda wish it was just white so I could draw all over it.  Design by Stefan Sagmeister for Droog.

(images from dezeen)

last week’s desk view_bed time

They must have been low on rent this month :P. 

(image by: vivien chin)

offset_giorgio biscaro

Always a sucker for some bent ply furniture.  :).  Offset chair by Giorgio Biscaro.  Designed to be flat packed.  Love the neon color!

(images from dezeen)

most curious_tracey neuls & nina saunders

“Most Curious” an installation by Tracey Neuls and Nina Saunders.  Love its whimsical nature.  Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.  I would love wearing those shoes.  They look so fun.

(images from dezeen)

the highline_lounging over 10th

highline_over 01

highline_over 02

highline_over 03

highline_over 04

highline_over 05

Hovering over 10th ave is a portion of the Highline with wood, stepped seating where you can lounge and watch the cars passing from under you.  It’s a pretty nice little seating area where you can sit and car/people watch those below on the street level.


(images by: vivien chin)

the highline_furniture

The many options you have to take a rest on and sit awhile…

bench 01
The wood and concrete bench that seems to come up from the paving.  These are the 2 most common benches at the Highline to sit on.

bench 02
The all wood bench.  This is my favorite.  Love the all wood aspect of it and how it comes out from the floor boards.

Thick, all wood, loungers.

bench 03
Wood bench with corten steel details.

Yellow picnic tables at ground level

Fire pit??

highline_drinking fountain
Water fountain.  So this isn’t really for sitting, but I do like how the water falls over the edge and down to the drain


(images by: vivien chin)

“cul is cool” @ ICFF

cul is cool 01

cul is cool

cul is cool2

“cul is cool” by ABR.  Sit your butt down in a…butt chair.

(top image by: vivien chin)
(images from ABR)

memento @ ICFF

memento lamp

Crazy shadows cast by the “Memento” lamp by Cassina IXC, Ltd.  Numbers everywhere!!

(image by: vivien chin)

umbra “balloona” stool @ ICFF

umbra balloona chair

Over 500 balloons are tied around a wooden stool made by Umbra.  Fun!

(image by: vivien chin)

animals attack! @ ICFF

Playful animal shaped furniture at the show.  Very fun and cute…

vitra elephant
elephant by Vitra

hastens dogs
dogs by Hastens

dog and cats by Magis

dodo birds
dodo birds by Magis

rocking horse
rocking horses

droog hippo
hippo floormat by droog

(images by: vivien chin)

johnny swing @ ICFF

johnny swing lamp

This very large chandelier-like light fixutre made of glass jars really caught my eye when I passed.  Johnny Swing designed this creative light fixture along with these pig and teddy bear stuffed animals with a dollar bill print.  (I really like the pig!)  The bowl the pig is sitting in is also by him and is constructed of welded nickels!  Also on show was a lounge chair made of welded quarters.

johnny swing pig

johnny swing pig
dollar bill print pig

johnny swing lounge
lounge made of welded quarters

johnny swing quarter detail
detail of welded quarters

(images by: vivien chin)
(images from Johnny Swing)


multi-sphere theme @ ICFF

bocci 01
28 by Bocci

bocci 02
28 by Bocci

tom dixon 01
New Fluoro Shade by Tom Dixon

tom dixon 02
New Fluoro Shade by Tom Dixon

egg lights
designer unknown…forget to see who it was by, sorry!

Saw a theme in some of the light fixtures I saw.  The one that most intrigues me the most is the final image whose pieces are more egg-shaped than sperical, but the are made of felt.  I thought they were packing peanuts at first.  Unfortunately I didnt’ get the name of who designed it.

(images by: vivien chin)

molo @ ICFF

molo lights

molo white 01

molo white 02

Molo makes these cellular structure furniture and partition pieces that are expandable, flexible, and stackable.  Saw them at ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair) today (and last year too).  The white pieces are constructed of Tyvek and the brown is of fire retardant kraft paper.  They can be illuminated internally with LEDs to give a glowing effect.  Molo also makes the glassware you see above sitting in the window.

(images above by: vivien chin)


(image above from Molo)

wooden carpet



wooden carpet by Elisa Stroyzk (images from dezeen)

Student, Elisa Stroyzk, designed this wood textile rug from laser and hand cut wood veneer that is then bonded to a textile backing. The wood pieces form a very flexible material that can be molded into very interesting 3-dimensional shapes.  All the wood veneer pieces are scraps from a wood workshop that is closing.  This is an exploration in “blurring relationships between furniture and textiles”.  Here is the original article.

veuve clicquot lamps


A new use for your old champagne bottle boxes that are lying around…make a lamp!  Champagne brand, Veuve Clicquot, held and exhibition in Milan called “Out of The Box“.  Designer, Tox Dixon, created the “Comet Lamp” out of Veuve Clicquot boxes for the show.



(images from Dezeen)

adobe cs pillows


For all of you guys who don’t get enough of Photoshop or InDesign at work…you can now buy pillows in the shape of Adobe Creative Suite graphic logos.  You can buy them at this site, mysuitestuff, for $15 dollars (not including shipping).  Found the article originally on unpluggd and thought the pillows were pretty amusing…haha.


my comfy niche


After all these furniture and design postings I got a little nostagic for my chair/lounge.  I wish it was here in NY with me.  Many comfy naps in it were definitely had by myself and others.  Those who went to school with me already are familiar with it, but for those who didn’t here’s some background. 

This was part of my 5th yr thesis project in college as well as an entry for a furniture design competition held yearly by a local contemporary furniture store, Vellum.  I bent and welded the rebar frame and hand wove the fabric weave from belting material commonly used for backpack straps (many many hours of weaving!).  It was a really fun project and even better that I came out with a comfy lounge that fits me perfectly.  The concept idea behind my design was to create something that had a variety of ways to sit and lounge.  There’s no right way it sit or lie in it and I even did a photoshoot and study of how people decided to sit in it.  It was pretty intrested to watch as people decided how they wanted to sit in it.  Too many options I suppose!

back view

deatail – the weave

happy lounger

sleepy lounger  (images by: vivien chin)

growing a crystal chair


I’ve seen this on Wallpaper, Dezeen, and Inhabitat and think it is amazing.  Tokujin Yoshioka designed and grew these crystal chairs for his “Second Nature” exhibit.  The furniture and art in this exhibit are formed by soaking a polyester mesh in a mineral solution for a month.  These are all really beautiful pieces and I wish I could have experienced the exhibit in person.

“Second Nature” exhibit

“Second Nature” Exhibit

Venus – crystal chaise lounge

the making of a crystal chair

the making of a chair

flip flop chair


Chair that looks like a koosh ball!  It’s made from recycled flip flop materials.  The industrial leftovers from factories are used to make this ottoman.  Found this in an article at  They are being sold at DWR for $350!  Don’t think I’ll be paying that much for recycled flip flops.  Fun idea tho!

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